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KETHEA PILOTOS Non residential therapeutic programme for adolescents and adults KETHEA PILOTOS has been up and running in Volos since 2003, helping young drug users aged 15 to 25 to abstain from illegal substances and delinquency. The Programme aims to improve its members’ self-esteem and help them reintegrate into the educational system and labour market, encouraging them to make creative use of their free time, and seeking to bring about a general improvement in their daily and family environment. 

The Counselling Centre services are tailored to individual needs and take into account their age, family situation etc. The Centre also prepares users who wish to join the KETHEA PILOTOS Therapeutic Community in Volos or the KETHEA EXODOS Therapeutic Community in Larisa. The Therapeutic Community is non-residential and provides daily individual and group therapeutic procedures, working groups, counselling on education, career guidance and educational/recreational activities. The Community also runs a short-term intervention programme for young people in the early stages of drug abuse and for their families.

There is also a Family Support and Therapy Centre where individual and group meetings aim to actively include families in the recovery process. 

KETHEA PILOTOS also runs a counselling and support programme for adolescent drug users in young offenders institutions in Kassaveteia and Volos.

For more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme on (+30) 2421023430.

KETHEA PILOTOS | Counselling center Prousis & Myriofytou,
Ethnikon Anamniseon square
380 02 Nea Ionia Volou
tel. 24210 80246 24210 77055
fax 24210 64615

KETHEA PILOTOS | Therapeutic community Metamorphoseos 27
383 33 Volos
tel. 24210 23863, 24210 23439
fax 24210 23626

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