KETHEA PAREMVASI Residential therapeutic programme for adults KETHEA PAREMVASI was launched in 1989 as a residential programme for adult drug users (aged over 20) and their families. It includes the Paremvasi Alternative Community in Rafina (Attica), which can accommodate up to 60 individuals. 

A particular feature of the Alternative Community is its strong social orientation and the alternative model for living this represents. The community endeavours to interest its members in current social issues, and encourages them to become active in organising environmental, humanitarian and cultural activities. Its focus is therefore to foster co-operation and interaction between the participants in the therapeutic programme and the general social environment, with a view to their developing closer ties with citizens, municipalities, associations and other entities. 

KETHEA PAREMVASI assigns great importance to its members’ education and vocational orientation, and runs seminars and specific education programmes in collaboration with educational organisations in both the private and public sectors. Its aim is to equip its members for social reintegration by improving their general cultural level, encouraging them to develop their individual skills and interests, and helping them reintegrate into the educational system with a view to obtaining qualifications in the field best suited to their skills. Other features of the Alternative Community are its 5x5 football field, its Football Academy, which is open to the public, and a workshop fully-equipped for making traditional percussion and string instruments. 

KETHEA PAREMVASI has expanded the services it offers through the opening of two new Counselling Centres in Rafina and Peania, respectively. The Counselling Centres operate in partnership with their respective municipalities to facilitate access to the relevant services and cater for the needs of their own and neighbouring municipalities.

For more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme on (+30) 210 3300748.

KETHEA PAREMVASI | Counselling center 25ο km. Marathonos Av.
109 09 Rafina
tel. 22940 78322, 22940 79900
KETHEA PAREMVASI | Counselling center Valtetsiou 37
106 81 Athens
tel. 210 3300751
fax 210 3300759

KETHEA PAREMVASI | Counselling center Kalchou 39 & Aiantos 48
13122 Ilion
tel. 0030 210 2630454

KETHEA PAREMVASI | Family support unit Valtetsiou 37
106 81 Athens
tel. 210 3300748, 210 3300779, 210 3304933, 210 3304935
fax 210 3300759

KETHEA PAREMVASI | Re -entry center Themistokleous 67
106 82 Athens
tel. 210 3845029
fax 210 3845029

KETHEA PAREMVASI | Therapeutic community (residential) Rafina crossroad
tel. 22940 77800, 22940 77180, 22940 78322
fax 22940 77801