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KETHEA KYTTARO-ΟΧΥGONO Residential & Οutpatient therapeutic Programme for adults and adolescents KETHEA KYTTARO has been up and running since 2009, catering to the needs of drug users and their families in the Southern Peloponnese. Its programme is residential and aimed at adults. First contact with the programme takes place at its Counselling Centres, located in Kalamata and Nafplio, which provide information, counselling and psychological support to drug users and their families, as well as information to anyone interested in drug addiction and detoxification. The Centres also prepare users to join the KYTTARO Therapeutic Community.

The KYTTARO Therapeutic Community, where the main stage of the treatment takes place, is situated just outside Kalamata and can treat 35 members at any one time. It utilizes the active participation of its members, and provides an emotionally secure environment in which members can develop their abilities and learn to handle difficulties in new ways. There, members can participate in educational activities of an artistic, athletic or environmental nature, cultivate their personal interests, take the opportunity to cover gaps in their education, come into contact with the local community and prepare themselves for re-entry into society.

The Social Reintegration Centre runs a hostel, where graduates of a Therapeutic Community can stay until they find a job. At this stage, the goal is the individual’s smooth integration into society, while especial weight is assigned to their professional training and rehabilitation, as well as to relapse prevention.

Drug users’ families can seek help from the Family Support Programme even if the user is not enrolled on a therapy programme. The Programme runs educational seminars for parents, relatives and friends, as well as individual and group counselling and support sessions.
KETHEA KYTTARO-ΟΧΥGONO | Central Secretariat Kolokotroni 1, 241 00 Kalamata
tel. 27210 87356
φαξ 27210 87388

KETHEA KYTTARO-ΟΧΥGONO | Counselling Center Ioanni Varvaki 4 Str.
1, 211 00 Nafplio
tel. 27520 47251

KETHEA KYTTARO-ΟΧΥGONO | Counselling Center Koumoundourou 3
241 00 Kalamata
tel. 27210 89482
fax. 27210 26020

KETHEA KYTTARO-ΟΧΥGONO | Counselling Programmes for Prisoners Industrial Area Patras, Agios Stefanos
261 10 Achaia
tel. 2610 647478, 2610 343400, 2610 323606
fax. 2610 647397

KETHEA KYTTARO-ΟΧΥGONO | Family support Koumoundourou 3
241 00 Kalamata
tel. 27210 89482
fax. 27210 26020

KETHEA KYTTARO-ΟΧΥGONO | Re - entry center Koumoundourou 3
241 00 Kalamata
tel. 27210 89482
fax. 27210 26020

KETHEA KYTTARO-ΟΧΥGONO | Therapeutic community (residential) Paliambela, Sperhogeia district Kalamata
tel. 27210 32872
fax. 27210 32206

226 26 Patra
tel. 2610 343400, 2610 323606
fax. 2610 343023

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