KETHEA PROMITHEAS KETHEA Reception and Re- Entry Centre for Released Prisoners in Thessaloniki This centre offers its services to ex-prisoners released from Greek correctional institutions. It offers a non-residential therapeutic programme aiming at recovery from drug abuse and smooth social reintegration. It includes treatment motivation groups, treatment
groups and social re-entry groups, and offers support on legal issues, information on job issues, and a counselling service to members of the released prisoners’ families. It also runs a pilot Relapse Prevention Unit which offers support to people who relapse after completed a recognised therapeutic programme.

For more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme on (+30) 2310544939.

KETHEA PROMITHEAS | Counselling unit for prisoners Pindou 4
546 25 Thessaloniki
tel.0030 544939,/fax 0030 2310 544939

KETHEA PROMITHEAS | Family Support Centre Pindou 4
546 25 Thesssaloniki
tel. 2310 544939
fax. 2310 544939
KETHEA PROMITHEAS | Reception and Re- Entry Centre Pindou 4
546 25 Thessaloniki
tel. 2310 544939
fax 2310 544939