KETHEA EPIRUS Non residential therapeutic programme for adults

KETHEA EPIRUS was set up in 2007 following a request made by local institutions. The programme offers a therapeutic network capable of providing the full range of services for tackling the problems of drug use.

The Programme provides drug users with counselling, information about available therapeutic programmes, educational and recreational activities, and health care. Those participants that want to can be prepared for entry into either Ioannina’s own open Therapeutic Community, or a KETHEA therapeutic community in another city.

Workers and students enrolled in the Ioannina open Therapeutic Community also receive the support they need to achieve stability in their lives, to develop labour market skills or to complete their education. This support is provided in parallel with their treatment.

KETHEA EPIRUS’s Social Reintegration Centre seeks to ensure that members of a Therapeutic Community are reintegrated smoothly into the community on the completion of their treatment. The Centre can provide a place to stay in a hostel as well as counselling, education and training, career advice, help getting a job, assistance in dealing with existing legal problems, support in improving family relationships, and relapse prevention.

The Family Support Centre supports users’ families, regardless of whether the user either wants or is receiving treatment. Family members are provided with information and emotional support, as well as being taught how to strengthen the drug user’s motivation to seek treatment, and how to support them during it.

KETHEA EPIRUS | Counselling center Archiepiskopou Makariou 11,
KEPAVI, Room 127,POB 141
452 21 Ioannina
tel. 26510 64077, 26510 64059
fax. 26510 64971

KETHEA EPIRUS | Counselling center

KETHEA EPIRUS | Counselling center Kristalli
471 00 Arta
tel. 26810 22881

KETHEA EPIRUS | Family support center Makrigianni 15b
454 45 Ioannina
tel. 0030 26510 23139

KETHEA EPIRUS | Re - entry center Archiepiskopou Makariou 11, KEPAVI
452 21 Ioannina
tel. 26510 76850

KETHEA EPIRUS | Therapeutic community (non residential) Korai 11
454 44 Ioannina
tel. 26510 77010, 26510 77020
fax. 26510 75655