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KETHEA DIAVASI Non residential therapeutic programme for adults

The  non residential programme KETHEA DIAVASI  was set up in Athens in 1990 for adult drug users and their families. KETHEA DIAVASI is designed to assist  recovery from addiction without cutting drug users off from their family, work, education and social environment.

The Morning Programme of KETHEA DIAVASI is addressed to young adults over 21 years old who have a supportive family or social network. Τhe Evening Programme is aimed at working people and students and  the Secondary Prevention Programme is addressed to occasional drug users in employment and their families.  

ΚΕΤΗΕΑ DIAVASI prioritizes vocational guidance and counselling, education and vocational training, in collaboration with institutions and organisations that offer scholarships to it's members. In addition, a Job Club provides KETHEA DIAVASI members with occupational support, helping them develop a working identity, find a steady occupation and develop their presence in the job market. The Job Club also encourages employers and organizations to give equal opportunities to former drug users. 

To increase the creative participation of society as a whole in fighting and preventing drug abuse, KETHEA DIAVASI regularly organises open events around Athens. In addition, its Arts Club (1997) stages a variety of cultural events, such as artistic exhibitions, book launches, concerts, performances etc.

 For more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme: (+30) 210 8660087 (ext. 13)

KETHEA DIAVASI | Counselling center Filis 217
112 51 Athens
tel. 210 8626761
fax. 210 8659754

KETHEA DIAVASI | Cultural club Stavropoulou 29
112 52 Athens
tel. 210 8653960,
210 8663378
fax. 210 8651227

KETHEA DIAVASI | Evening Therapeutic Community for working drug users - students (non residential) Ithakis 42
112 51 Athens
tel. 210 8660087, 210 8657826
fax. 210 8668468

KETHEA DIAVASI | Family support unit 176 September 3rd Av.
112 51 Athens
tel. 210 8612604, 210 8655813
fax. 210 8665913

KETHEA DIAVASI | Job Club Ithakis 42
112 51 Athens
tel. 210 8660087,
fax. 210 8668568

KETHEA DIAVASI | Re - entry center Filis 217
112 53 Athens
tel. 210 8629812, 210 8641888

KETHEA DIAVASI | Therapeutic Community for adults (non residential) Stavropoulou 29
112 52 Athens
tel. 210 8640943, 210 8653960
fax. 210 8651227

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