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KETHEA ALFA Therapeutic Programme for Alcohol and Gambling Addiction

KETHEA ALFA is located in Athens and is intended for people who have a problem with two ‘legal’ addictions: alcohol and gambling. Because they are both common and socially acceptable, alcohol use and gambling are not always recognised as serious problems. The KETHEA ALFA programme first assesses the problem by taking into account the life conditions of the individual concerned, then offers a tailored therapy plan on an outpatient basis.

Individuals participating in the programme are asked to identify and fight their addiction without being taken out of their family and social environment, or having to give up their usual activities. As the close family environment plays a fundamental role in aiding the
addict’s efforts, a special Family Support programme is also made available with an emphasis on couples therapy. Addicts’ families can receive help, even if the family member who is addicted to alcohol or gambling has not decided to join the programme. In this case, family members will be given advise on how to motivate the addicted persons to follow the appropriate treatment.

KETHEA ALFA’s main goals are to:

• help individuals reduce their alcohol intake or gambling activity and abstain from both;
• treat resulting physical and mental health problems;
• reduce or prevent violent or illegal behaviour;
• improve family relationships;
• help individuals develop new skills and encourage creative leisure activities;
• prevent relapses;
• raise public awareness of the impact of ‘legal’ addictions.

For more information, please contact the secretariat of the programme on (+30) 2109215776.

KETHEA ALFA | Unit for alcohol addiction Harvouri 1
116 36 Athens
tel. 210 9215776, 210 9237777
tel. 210 9215786

KETHEA ALFA | Unit for gambling addiction Harvouri 1
116 36 Athens
tel. 210 9215776, 210 9237777
fax. 210 9215786

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