KETHEA organizes workshops and conferences with speakers from Greece and abroad addressing the whole range of issues facing employees in treatment and prevention agencies, social services and prisons. The events KETHEA has organized include the:

•    13th World Conference of Therapeutic Communities “Know Thyself” (Athens, 1990)
•    2nd European Congress of Therapeutic Communities "Europe against drugs" (Thessaloniki, 1995)
•    10th European Congress of Therapeutic Communities for Social Reintegration and Drugs Policy (Crete, 2005)
•    international conference on "Education and social integration of vulnerable groups” (Thessaloniki, 2011) in collaboration with the University of Macedonia and the University of California, San Diego Department of Psychiatry

KETHEA also organizes an annual programme of academic conferences and lectures around Greece in collaboration with scientific and professional organizations from Greece and abroad. All these events are free to attend.

Download the proceedings of the KETHEA "open lecture" workshops.