KETHEA established the first Certification Board for Drug Addiction Counsellors in Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria (GCMBB) with the participation of distinguished scientists from those countries. Currently the GCMBB offers two credentials: The Alcohol & Drug Counselor (ADC) and the Prevention Specialist (PS).

The IC&RC was established in 1981, and 76 organizations currently participate in it around the world, representing more than 45,000 certified professionals in the field of addictions.

The Scientific Committee for Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria examines applications and provides certification for professionals living and working at least 51% of the time in these countries according to international standards and the specific cultural conditions of each country. Certification through the IC & RC is international and recognized in all the countries in which it is active (Germany, Greece, UK, USA, Canada, Cyprus, Malta, Sweden, Bulgaria etc.).

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