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Professional training & research
The promotion of scientific knowledge and the continuing education of professionals working in the field of addiction are key KETHEA objectives.

To achieve these goals, KETHEA:

•    Collaborates with renowned institutions in Greece and abroad to provide educational programs to professionals working in the field of drug addiction, and to students in the spheres of mental health, social care, teaching, sociology, psychiatry, justice, etc.
•    Regularly collects, analyzes and processes data on the socio-demographic characteristics and patterns of drug use (based on data from the members of its programs), evaluates its services and takes part in special addiction research programs in cooperation with Greek and foreign entities.
•    Coordinates and participates in European programs which seek to educate professionals, stimulate research and the exchange of know-how, and develop innovative rehabilitation services.
•    Offers international professional certification in the treatment of addictions in collaboration with the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC & RC).
•    Maintains a scientific library based in Athens, publishes the journal "Addiction", and collaborates with a publisher in publishing original and translated versions of scientific papers concerning addictions, psychotherapy, psychology and the social sciences.
•    Offers internships to students, or helps them develop their theses using clinical data.


Sorvolou 24
116 36 Athens
tel. (+30) 2109241993-6
fax (+ 30) 2109241986

Sorvolou 24
116 36 Athens
tel. (+30) 2109241993-6
fax (+30) 210 9241986

Professional training & research
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