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By Nikos Konstandaras ( Our country is at war. Most don’t realize it, because some people wage battle every day and nig... [...]
By Alexandra Giannidi   Six years into a deep recession that has seen Greece slash its healthcare budget and society come under great pressure,... [...]
ISAJE (International Society for Addiction Journals Editors)         KETHEA (Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals)  ... [...]
KETHEA is pleased to announce the launch of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) for 2013 to the Greek media and public. The launch by M... [...]
KETHEA is pleased to announce the launch of the Annual Report of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) for 2013 to the Greek medi... [...]
KETHEA is launching new services in the city of Thessaloniki, aiming at addressing the problem of addiction which is aggravated by the recession. ... [...]
For over two years, a synthetic drug based methamphetamine, the "sisa" wreaked havoc in Greece, particularly in Athens, where a dose buys two euros. T... [...]
Growing popularity of 'cocaine of the poor' in Athens has overwhelmed public health authorities already under strain. Nobody knows which came firs... [...]
Standing in the Athens police headquarters, interviewing the director of the drug unit, I realised I had a bag of chemically enhanced crystal meth in ... [...]
Ailing economy blamed for making many young people vulnerable to drug variants sold on the cheap. Greece's economic crisis has made many young peop... [...]
KETHEA’ s TV spot "The Drowning" was selected by ACT Responsible to be broadcast for free on Euronews, the leading international news channel, in... [...]
During a prison riot at the Judicial Prison of Korydallos in Athens on September 23rd 2012, KETHEA EN DRASEI Therapeutic Community was completely dest... [...]
The Art Workshop of KETHEA EXODOS therapeutic program organizes an exhibition at the French Institute of Larissa from 2 to 13 October 2012. The title ... [...]
It is with great sadness that KETHEA was informed of the death of Professor Griffith Edwards, a world authority in the field of addiction treatment, a... [...]
Applications are being accepted for the 2013-2014 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program.  The Humphrey Fellowship Program provides a year of non-... [...]
KETHEA STROFI in order to celebrate the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, organises a concert on June 7th, in "Technopolis... [...]
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KETHEA EXODOS in order to celebrate the International Day Against Drugs and Illicit Trafficking organises a concert in collaboration with the Family A... [...]
After the successful launch of the group exhibition "HOUSE" organized by KETHEA DIAVASI therapeutic programme in Athens, in 2011, the exhibition will ... [...]
14th International EWODOR Symposium Addiction, Criminal Justice System, Drug Treatment & Social Inclusion Thessaloniki, 17-19 May 2012 In th... [...]
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