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KETHEA employs over 350 volunteers on a yearly basis. The volunteers are engaged:

•    in front line services, helping drug addicts and their families
•    in educating and training members of the therapeutic programs
•    in community and school based prevention programs and interventions
•    in educating professionals and in research
•    in administrative posts in KETHEA units

The field work undertaken by volunteers depends on their educational background, their skills and interests, and the evolving needs of KETHEA programs. The volunteers are offered detailed information on the organization’s objectives, modus operandi and code of ethics, and receive ongoing training, support and supervision in relation to the responsibilities they will undertake.

All interested parties should contact the therapeutic programme on which they would like to volunteer directly; if they are unsure where their specific interest lies, they can complete an application form. For more information, contact KETHEA Fundraising Dept, 210 9241993 ext.222, or email
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