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Offer a job/ a training opportunity
Offer a job/a training opportunity
Most people who enter KETHEA programs have serious deficiencies at an educational and professional level. Addressing these deficiencies is an important and integral part of their treatment. KETHEA joins forces with public and private organizations that offer education and vocational training scholarships to members of therapeutic communities, thus contributing significantly to the rehabilitation and social reintegration process. If you want to find out more or to contribute in this area, contact the KETHEA Education Department (

Offer a former addict a job
Former addicts are productive members of our society; given the chance, they can participate competitively and on an equal footing in the job market. If you are an employer, you can help them in their effort by providing employment—but you won’t just be offering them a job, you’ll be offering them a place in life. Of course, your business will benefit, as well.

Why employ an ex-addict?

•    Ex-addicts are reliable workers. Individuals who complete accredited treatment programs have developed new attitudes and behaviours and learned how to work together and respond to pressure. Furthermore, they have acquired technical skills through participation in group training, and gained expertise in various fields.
•    By supporting the equitable social and professional reintegration of former drug addicts, you will be playing your part in addressing a major social problem.
•    You will benefit from the financial incentives offered by the state to employers and businesses that hire ex-addicts.

How employers and companies benefit from hiring drug addicts
To facilitate the social and professional integration of drug addicts and other vulnerable groups, the Greek Manpower Organisation (OAED) administers grant programs encouraging the employment of people belonging to socially vulnerable groups. These programs support the creation of new jobs by offering subsidies to companies that hire former drug addicts. For more information, please contact the Greek Manpower Organisation.
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Offer a job/ a training opportunity
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