Print at KETHEA SCHEMA + CHROMA and help it in its efforts to provide apprenticeships to members of therapeutic programs, and support the KETHEA budget at the same time.

KETHEA’s founding charter provides for the running of production units as an additional means of carrying out its mission.

Today, KETHEA runs four production units around Greece in the context of its therapeutic programmes. The units provide vocational training to programme members, supplies KETHEA with products it needs, and boosts the organisation's income through product sales.

KETHEA's largest production unit is the SCHEMA & CHROMA printing unit housed on the premises of the ITHAKI Therapeutic Community in Sindos, Thessaloniki. Unlike other KETHEA production units, the printing unit is financially independent and operates in the free market in compliance with professional standards. It is vertically organised and fully equipped for DTP, bookbinding and printing with its own studio and creative and publications departments. It employs professionals and graduates of its therapeutic programmes. The unit is equipped with cutting-edge technology and certified by TUV with ISO 9001:2000 for all its operations.

The unit employs 31 permanent workers, many of whom are graduates of KETHEA’s therapeutic programs. Members of KETHEA therapeutic programs who complete their education at KETHEA SCHEMA & CHROMA often enter the industry.