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I want to help
You can help KETHEA in its work of rehabilitation and social reintegration in the following ways:

•    Offer educational scholarships or jobs to KETHEA members, which will help them in their quest for a new life and social reintegration. If you are an employer, find out about any state incentives to employ drug addicts that may be in place.
•    Go to KETHEA SCHEMA + CHROMA to cover your printing needs, and assist in the vocational training of therapeutic programme members and boost KETHEA’s income.
•    Buy products made by KETHEA creative workshops and production units.
•    Provide your services to KETHEA on a voluntary basis; depending on your educational/ professional background and your interests, provide treatment, training, education or legal assistance to members, or participate in prevention, education and research programs targeted at professionals.
•    Make donations to KETHEA programs, or sponsor activities it engages in to raise public awareness.
•    Help the therapeutic programme Family Associations which voluntarily support KETHEA’s work.
I want to help
Offer a job/ a training opportunity
Family Associations