If someone close to you has been involved in substance abuse, you know better than anyone how difficult it is for them, their family and all those who are close to them.

Having a close relationship with a drug addict can engender overwhelming feelings, such 
pain, anxiety, guilt, anger, frustration and desperation.

However, substance abuse can be treated, and very often it is the user’s family that takes the first step.

Regardless of whether the user recognizes that they have a problem and wants to do something about it, a phone call is all it takes to enrol on a specialized programme and receive both information and support. Free and confidential, KETHEA Family Support Centres can provide you with: 
• information on addiction and treatment options
• help in knowing how best to motivate the user to enter treatment
• psychological support
• therapeutic support when the drug user embarks on the rehabilitation process, helping you to employ the most effective means of communication and to put your relationship on a sounder footing.

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Call 1145 (if you are concerned about substance abuse) and 1114 (if you are concerned about gambling) for psychological support or more information.

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