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If you have drug- or alcohol-related problems, a phone call will get you into a safe environment where you can talk and get help. At our counselling Centre, your first point of contact with KETHEA, we will assess your needs, inform you about treatment options and prepare you for entering a therapeutic programme.

Even if you do not want to enter treatment, Counselling Centres can offer you emotional support, health care and help in reducing the negative impacts of drug addiction on your life. You will find specialized professionals there, among them former drug users.

All services are free of charge and confidential. We do not discriminate, and there are no waiting lists. All we require is that you participate actively and respect the centre and the other participants.

Search for your nearest KETHEA Counselling Centre.

Call 1145 (if your problems are substance-related) and 1114 (if your problems are gambling-related) for psychological help or more information. 

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