KETHEA implements long-term programs and short-term interventions in educational communities at all levels, addressing:

•    Teachers in primary and secondary education, in collaboration with the Hellenic Ministry of Education’s, Health Education officers and Counselling Youth Centres;
•    Students in primary and secondary education, in collaboration with Health Education Officers and head masters;
•    An entire educational community through comprehensive long-term programs aimed equally to students, teachers and parents, and often extended into the local community. A programme of this kind run in Athens at the 132nd Elementary School won KETHEA the MENTOR Achievement Award in 2003.
•    Teachers and students in the Apprenticeship Schools run in the context of the long-standing cooperation between KETHEA and the Greek Manpower Organization (OAED). KETHEA runs awareness-raising and educational programs, as well as three KETHEA Counselling Centres in Athens schools in Iraklio, Moschato and Aigaleo.
•    Students in higher education, providing information and promoting peer education in matters of addiction.