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KETHEA offers services to professionals—including social services staff, health professionals, pharmacists, police and priests—who encounter drug-related problems in the course of their work.

Short-term informational interventions
These interventions provide comprehensive information about addiction, the principles and methodology of prevention and the role of each professional group as well as referrals to specialized services.

Training Programmes for Professionals

These programmes promote knowledge of preventive interventions, so that teachers, and other professionals can design, implement and evaluate preventative programs. KETHEA has adopted a series of intervention manuals for the prevention of substance abuse in children and adolescents, and for the guidance of parents and professionals.

In the field of prevention, KETHEA trains and works with volunteers and provides six-month internships to students studying social sciences, Psychology, mental health etc.
Awareness raising & prevention
School based interventions
High risk groups
Community based programmes
Youth center
Transitional school
Awareness campaigns