KETHEA programs serve as prevention and information hubs across the country, raising awareness and addressing the problem of addictions.

Challenging myths, providing reliable information on substances and addictions, promoting prevention messages, facilitating access to services, and addressing social exclusion and discrimination against those suffering from addictions are some of the key objectives of KETHEA’s information campaigns.

KETHEA also runs specialized programs and stages prevention activities for educational communities at all levels, local communities, families, and high-risk groups. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, the programs and activities seek to address the risk factors in substance abuse and to promote psychosocial health. In addition to providing objective and appropriate information for each age group, these programs take an experiential approach to promoting intellectual and emotional involvement, understanding and interpretation, active participation and the sharing of experiences,.

KETHEA also educates various professional groups on prevention, and publishes informative and academic publications which seek to raise public awareness and promote prevention.

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