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Can the running of a KETHEA programme impact negatively on the local area?

KETHEA has over 90 centres throughout Greece, all of which are fully integrated into the local community and contribute to a better quality of life in the area through the actions they undertake. This means that, far from impacting negatively on an area or on the value of neighbouring properties, the presence of a KETHEA centre can often breathe new life into deprived areas by renovating the buildings required to house its services and through the organized social, cultural and environmental actions undertaken by its members.
KETHEA programmes are drug-free, so they don’t attract active drug users. The participants in KETHEA programmes have broken out of the vicious circle of drug dependence and embarked on a process of changing their lives and re-entering the community. Local communities view KETHEA units as drug-free zones, and the area around them is not transformed into a meeting place for addicts or potential users; in any case, the local drug users know where to find drugs when they need them.