How is a KETHEA programme created?

Every new KETHEA programme is designed on the basis of the needs of the local communities it will be serving. The communities usually express themselves through their social and academic institutions in collaboration with—and with the support of—the local authorities. KETHEA analyzes the drug-related problems facing the area in order to create new programmes which gradually develop a network of services which are adapted to local needs. This was how KETHEA set about creating its new programmes in Alexandroupoli, Volos, Ioannina, Kavala, Kalamata, Komotini, Mytilene, Patras, Hania and elsewhere over the past decade.
When a new programme comes into operation, the emphasis is on educating the local community by means of activities designed to raise their awareness of drug-related issues, and on forming firm collaborations with local bodies and services. This two-way relationship between the programme and the community is integral to the treatment and helps speed up the programme’s integration into the social fabric and its contribution to local life.