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What does a KETHEA programme offer a city?

KETHEA’s rehabilitation programmes provide an organized, safe and substance-free environment in which multifaceted services seeking to tackle the problem of drug addiction in the local community free of charge and in close cooperation with that community. KETHEA programmes provide:
- Valid and responsible information services on the subject of addiction and the treatments available for addicts, their families and every other interested party.
- A drug-free psycho-social support programme for addicts which takes them through to their complete rehabilitation and reintegration into society.
- Systematic support for addicts’ families and other people in their environment during the rehabilitation process, even if the user has not joined a therapy group.
- A powerful local drug information and prevention network created in collaboration with other institutions in the city through programmes run in cooperation with local neighbourhoods, schools, associations and social services.
- Cultural, social and environmental initiatives involving members of the programme and collaboration with local bodies.
- Courses on drug-related matters held for local professionals who are likely to have to deal with drug-related problems. Target groups include health professionals, social workers, pharmacists, teachers and the police.